Wednesday, 8 October 2008

A vacation on the Danish Island - Bornholm

When Sofie was 4 weeks old we left Copenhagen for 2 weeks on Bornholm. It was a great holiday for me and Sofie and Hans got to work. The 2 weeks were full of 'first events' for our little daughter including her first bath, learning to use her dummy, going for long walks on the beach, going to church and visiting her first restaurant. Amazing how quickly she is developing. We can almost see her growing and becoming more and more alert. One of the most rewarding things to date is her charming smile. Grandma and grandpa stayed with us for 6 days and great having such patience around. They looked after Sofie a lot of the time between breast feeds which gave us lots of freedom and meant we could even get out to climb on the nice crags on the island. Below are a few photos taken on the trip.

Sofie sleeping in granddads arms as he reads his newspaper...........

.........and then it was grandmas turn

Mum got a go as well

Here Sofie is having her first real bath in the sink and as one can see she also exercised her lungs

We also visited our first restaurant in Svaneke (Pakhuset), it was great with a large variety (smoked, salted ...... ) of the Bornholm specialty of fish (herring). Sofie slept through most of the meal.

........ and more sleeping! Notice Sofie is now using her dummy, thanks to the patience and persistence of her grandparents. This is really great!

We were lucky with the weather and did lots of walking. In this photo Sofie is being pushed by her granddad to the beach at Dueodde on the east coast. Sofie likes bumpy rides and thus granddad is her favorite. Neither dad nor mum can live up to granddads standard and he is missed now we are back in Copenhagen!!!

A view of Gudhjem a lovely town where one can buy the local delicacy 'Solen over Gudhjem' which is black bread with smoked herring and a raw egg yolk on top!! Only dad and grandma wanted this treat.

Not always easy getting around with a baby in a pram .........

This is the first church Sofie visited. One of the beautiful round churches found on Bornholm (Østerlars rundkirke).

Inside the church. In this photo one can see the beautiful wall paintings inside the church.

Glass blowing is a popular craft on Bornholm and we visited one of the many glass shops. Gifts were also purchased!

Hammersharbour (Hammershavn): a very windy place!

More carrying .........

A very content baby in her pram!!

We also got to climb on Bornholm. To view these photos visit Hans blog

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